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December 13, 2012

Walmart Ranks No 1 as most browsed and shopped brand via mobile device

The Mobile Shopping Satisfaction Report,” a study commissioned by mobile site and app developer Mobiquity, finds that, of 20 major retailers that operate stores, Apple Inc., Best Buy Co. Inc. and Kohl’s Corp. ranked highest for satisfaction among consumers shopping via smartphones and tablets. 

Mobile Commerce - Top 20 store retailers’ mobile sites and apps fall short for some consumers - Internet Retailer: While the 2012 holiday season is showing that mobile commerce  is the next big frontier for retailers,
somehow both brick and mortar and online stores  falls short of expectations when it comes to Mobile Shopping as a platform and fails consumers’ expectations for fast, well-designed and functional mobile commerce sites and apps.

The study finds that an unsatisfactory mobile shopping experience can impact brand loyalty and future revenue. 41% of smartphone owners and 43% of tablet owners say they would be less likely to shop at a retailer  if  their apps or mobile sites experience is not satisfactory 

50% smartphone users  and 67% tablet users  were not happy with the loading time of the app,while  67% say tablet apps were also too slow. 65% say that m-commerce sites were slow, compared to 45% who say the same about sites accessed on a tablet.

Wal-Mart is the brand most browsed and shopped via mobile devices among major chains: 28% of smartphone owners and 32% of tablet owners had browsed Wal-Mart via mobile during the past six months. 23% used their smartphones to make a purchase from Wal-Mart, while 24% used their tablets to transact. Target and Best Buy ranked second and third for smartphone purchasing, while Best Buy and Apple ranked second and third for tablet purchasing.