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December 13, 2012

Why Showrooming will change Retail Store Evolution

Showrooming is Smart shopping and among the - the retail trend of Christmas 2012 
Once your Smartphone app reads the product barcode (often called a QR Code) you have all you need to find the best deals.Once in store mode, you have access to an interactive version of the weekly on-sale circular for that store. You can see what’s new in the store. You can scan bar codes with the phone’s camera for prices and keep a running list of everything you’re buying so you’ll know the total cost when you get to the register.t’s the scourge of stores everywhere: “showrooming,” the act of going to a store to see and touch a product, then using your phone to find and order the same item for a lower price online.

Showrooming  is poised to be the next digital distruptor in brick and Mortar physical store  and probably the last frontier where Mobile  will play a huge role in  changing customer shopping experiance in a store  and  some retailers have indeed taken drastic measures to curb the practice, such as blocking barcodes. While likely futile, the effort to stop showrooming is an understandable if sometimes unsubtle reaction to fears of death by a billion clicks.
But the world’s largest retailer hasn’t tried to build a fence to block showrooming. Instead, in an act of digital judo, Walmart is urging shoppers to get out their smartphones when they come into a store.
In a recent post in Wired Walmart says its embracing " Showrooming"“You’ve got to go where the customer wants you to go. We live in the age of the customer,” President and CEO Joel Anderson told Wired in an interview this week. “We’re embracing showrooming.