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January 30, 2013

Google Plus Steals the Thunder from Twitter, now Ranked 2 after Facebook

Last week, Global Web Index  Published  a Study of the "Most Active Social Media Platform" released its December 2012  which shows which Social websites "Show more engagement  with its users .  As expected Facebook remains on top with over 50% of global internet users actively engaged on Facebook each month. The jaw-dropper of the report is that the Google Plus (G+) network has surpassed Twitter in number of active monthly users. In the month of December 2012 G+ grew to 343 million users globally, or about 25% of global internet users. Twitter came in 4th to YouTube with just over 20%.

According to Sam Fiorella, writing for the Huffington Post, to continue ignoring G+ as a marketing option is a risk few businesses can afford to take and marketers need to adopt Google Plus as additional Online Distribution points  along with Twitter and Facebook

Google Plus numbers actually show that it has topped Twitter in December ,2012 .The report from  Globe Index data  shows that  twitter  is Tcurrently growing globally at a faster rate than any other social network. ”The Q4 2012 dataset from GlobalWebIndex, shows that the number of active Twitter users grew 40% from Q2 2012 to Q4 2012. This is equal to 288 million monthly active users (claimed to have used or contribute to Twitter in the past month) across the 31 markets currently researched by GWI (representing nearly 90% of the global internet population aged 16 to 65). That marks a whopping growth rate in active users of 714% since July 2009.”

source : SearchEngineJournal