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January 29, 2013

Lessons in Social Media Excellence :How Lego responded to a 4yr old who lost his toy

What is the distance a  brand will go to retain customers,.. How much does a consumer mean to " Brands"  While social web has made Brands more proactive and consistent,  in terms of " managing their online Reputation. While Bad News travels faster than anything today. What about users, who have had " positive stories" to share on " How Brands  went out of their way( past the inane procedures and normas. Does good news travel faster.. or does it travel at all ?

There are no perfect answers to this, however a recent incident " has gone  viral on the web and has given the company more traction than any  Print, Video or web Advertising. Contrary to the popular and widely held belief Some Good News Actually Travel Much Faster than the Bad News
7 Year Old old Luka Apps spent his Christmas money on the LEGO Ninjago Ultra Sonic Raider set. A sound investment, if you and one day he lost  a few LEGOs minifigures-- 
Against his father's recommendation, young Luka took his newly procured Jay ZX shopping. And then, wouldn't you know it, the figure went missing, never to be seen again. However Luka did something  which 99% consumers would ever do
He shot an email to the Folks at Lego at LEGO seeking a replacement. 
Letter source ( ITV)

A short time later, Luka received a reply from Richard, a LEGO customer service representative. Richard wrote that he had spoken to Sensei Wu, a master from the  Ninjago line.