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February 14, 2013

BlackBerry Z10 To Launch On February 25 In India Before US Launch India - BlackBerry Z10 To Launch On February 25 In India - News on Mobility Enterprise Solutions: he much awaited BlackBerry Z10, powered by BlackBerry’s all-new, built-from-the-ground-up BlackBerry10 will be launched in India on February 25. Going by past experience, where BlackBerry India has made available smartphones on the day of launch or very soon after, availability should be around the day of launch.

kIndia is among the very few markets that blackberry has managed to retain, as the blackberry fortress around the world crumbled. Led by the Enterprise and Medium to Big Business, Blackberry has a very loyal following in India,  with no other Mobile OEM's managing to make adequate headway. Well known Movie start and  Bollywood actor Ranbir Kapoor is the new brand ambassador for BlackBerry in India, 

Clearly, in anticipation of the official launch, prices in the grey market, where the Z10 is available without bill and warranty, are falling. From Rs 75,000 a week ago, the price of the handset in the grey market has fallen to Rs 53,000.

Currently, the Z10 is available in the UK and some European markets, Canada and the UAE and it's interesting to note that the BlackBerry Z10 will be launched in India before the United States. This would be a tribute to the Indian Market, by blackberry as it witness a slown down for Blackberry products worldwide ...  all except India.