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February 14, 2013

Online Dating :: 45% :Europeans Go Online to Search perfect Match

Europeans Over 45 Spend Most Time Looking for Their Perfect Match Online: In December 2012, nearly 49 million Europeans visited the Community-Personals (online dating) category, that’s 12 percent of the total online population in Europe above the age of 15.

The 45-54 age group showed the highest engagement with online dating websites, spending an average of 83.4 minutes per visitor during the month. On average people in this age group returned 8.2 times to sites in this category during the month. The only age group that had a higher visits per visitor metric, were Europeans aged 55 and over with an average of 8.7 visits per visitor in December 2012.

The 15-24 age category spent the least amount of time browsing online dating websites with visitors spending an average of 43.4 minutes in the month with an average of 5.1 visits per visitor.