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February 10, 2013

Why Smartphones and Tablets will Devour the TV

BII REPORT: Why The "Second Screen" Industry Is Set To Explode - Business Insider: Along with Watching television  todays users also work  on Tablets and smartphone, and might open Kindle to read the latest best seller

while also using a smartphone or tablet is one of the most popular leisure activities of the mobile era.
The mobile industry is working hard to create mobile apps and sites that relate to what's on TV, in order to capitalize on this behavior. 

This approach is often referred to as the "second screen," the idea being that the tablet or smartphone becomes a TV companion device, allowing for added levels of interactivity— whether on social networks or dedicated second screen apps and sites that complement on-air content.

According to Businessinsider  the 2nd Screen Usage is growing rapidly: 85% of smartphone users reported second screen-linked behavior at least once a month, over 60% reported doing it on a weekly basis, and 39% did so daily

  • In the U.S. alone, TV ad spending was $18.4 billion in the third quarter of last year, a $74 billion annual run rate. If mobile can carve out even a small share of that pile of dollars via second screen channels, it would boost the mobile industry tremendously.

  • Second screen isn't really a new activity: It's a natural update to the old ways of engaging with TV, like the old office water cooler conversations about last night's football game or popular TV drama. Moreover, second screen-type behaviors were already popular on desktops and laptops, before mobile came along and made it a lot easier to participate