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March 26, 2013

BlackBerry Z10 US Launch fails, UK Canada and India shows impressive sales

BlackBerry Z10 Phones Fly Like Penguins Off Shelves In U.S. - Forbes: BlackBerry’s new device, the Z10, has now been introduced in a number of markets including the United States. It appears to have had a strong launch in places like Canada, the United Kingdom and India.In contrast, the launch in the U.S. by AT&T has been listless. The reason the BlackBerry launch has gone better in Canada, United Kingdom and India compared to the United States is because in those countries the supply has been in balance with the number of BlackBerry loyalists.

Although BlackBerry has yet to release initial sales numbers for the Z10, these two studies indicate trouble for BlackBerry this quarter. However, both Deutsche Bank and Hudson Square noted that BlackBerry users may be waiting for the upcoming Q10, which offers a full traditional BlackBerry keyboard instead of a touchscreen. 

The Q10 is scheduled to arrive on April 26, but initial rumors indicate that its price is fairly steep - an unlocked 16 GB Q10 will cost approximately $800 - more than the $760 Z10.