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March 2, 2013

Case Study : Why PepsiCo provided iPhones to 4,500 hourly employees

PepsiCo took a chance and gave iPhones to 4,500 hourly employees -- and it's paying off | CITEworld: Last year, PepsiCo handed out more than 4,500 iPhones to its army of hourly employees who drive around to stores making sure products are placed correctly

Companies often give smartphones and tablets to managers and mobile salespeople. But the merchandisers who work for PepsiCo are not your typical information workers.

"These merchandisers are young, many work out of their home, and they're hourly employees," explained Mark Uppaluri, the Director of PepsiCo's go to market systems, who led the initiative. Their job is to follow closely behind Pepsi's delivery drivers, and arrange the products on shelves in a very specific order. They have to be fast  if the product sits too long on a stockroom floor, retailers will call to complain.

In the old process the . Merchandisers would come in for a weekly meeting and get a stack of paperwork with their assigned route  and they had to place frequent calls to their managers to check in.
So Pepsi created an iPhone app that automated the process.

 infographic source : Mashable