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March 30, 2013

Digital Landscape in France : Internet vs Mobile

Source: StatCounter Global Stats - Mobile OS Market Share
There were 50,290,226 internet users in France (representing 77.2% of the population) in mid-year 2012 (June 30, 2012), according to Internet World Stats. (Internet World Stats, October 2012)

There were over 40 million internet users in France in August 2012 connecting via fixed internet access, according to Médiamétrie.

The under 25 years old group accounts for 28% of the total audience in August 2012 and they account for 21.,7% of total time spent online. Those aged 35-49 years old spent the most time online (a third of all time spent online). (Mediametrie, October 2012)

8 million people in France used the internet in December 2012, a 1 percent increase over the year. French spent an average of almost 28 hours online, more than the European average. France online video audience grows by a little 1 percent over the year, whilst mobile video audience grows by 110 percent.

Sending pictures of a product to family/friends comes up top with a 35 percent increase from 2.4 million users to 3.7 million users. The second favourite activity of French smartphone owners while in a retail store was taking a picture of a product (6.3 million smartphone owners which is  a 33 percent growth over the year. Other activities that experienced large increases in France were researching product features, comparing product prices and texting or calling friends/family about a