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March 29, 2013

Facebook Phone Launch on April 4th ?

The reports, if accurate, could explain the long speculation about a "Facebook phone" to help the social network better monetize its mobile platform by featuring Facebook prominently on the phone.

Facebook phone rumors explode after Android event announced - Computerworld: Speculation about Facebook's hardware plans exploded yet again after the company late Thursday invited reporters to a press event on April 4 at its offices in Menlo Park, Calif.

The invitation reads: "Come See Our New Home on Android."Another report on "9 to 5 Google" said Facebook designing the software for the new smartphone, which would be made by Taiwan's HTC.

Not long after the invitations were sent, several news sites have speculated that Facebook is developing an Android-based smartphone.

Facebook might not be building a phone -- designing hardware from scratch, manufacturing handsets and putting them on shelves. But the social network's invitation to an April 4 press conference, at which Facebook promises to unveil its "new home on Android," has stoked a new wave of speculation that the social network is readying a smartphone that will put Facebook front-and-center.

TechCrunch's Josh Constine writes that sources suggest Facebook will show off a modified version of Google's Android operating system that "will have all sorts of extra Facebook functionality built in."

"Imagine Facebook’s integration with iOS 6, but on steroids, and built by Facebook itself. It could have a heavy reliance on Facebook’s native apps like Messenger, easy social sharing from anywhere on the phone, and more," writes Constine.

Businessinsider reports

According to people familiar with the development of the marketing campaign for the Facebook/HTC phone, the advertisements are designed to focus on the potential user of the device, not on the hardware or software," says Gurman.
Sources  familiar with the developments suggests that the  smartphone that offers deeper Facebook integration would be a major boon to the social network's increasingly critical push to be more present, more accessible and more frequently used on people's smartphones. Unlike mobile-first social applications such as Instagram, Foursquare and Pheed, Facebook launched years before smartphones were de rigueur and has been left playing catch up.
Earlier this month news leaked of an HTC phone with a Facebook button on it. Facebook and HTC have worked together in the past on a phone, but it was a flop.
A Facebook phone based on Android has been rumored since September 2010. New discussion of the phone has popped up annually.