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March 11, 2013

Have You Send a Pheed Yet ? The Next Social Networking craze

Pheed: The Next Social Craze for Teens?: Watch out  Facebook , Pinterest and Instagram.  The top big 3 might have to fight it out with the latest  social network network new kid on the block

 You might soon be sending your  your first "Pheed" in a few days from now .Launched late last year, Pheed is a new social media platform that lets you share text, photos, videos and audio. Propelled by teenage users, Pheed topped the App Store's social networking category in late February.

Pheed provides users with a unified platform for sharing all forms of digital content which includes textphotoaudio clips, voice notes, video, and live broadcas

The Pheed website launched on October 12, 2012, followed by the iPhone app on November 10, 2012, making its way into Apple’s Top Charts, Top 10 Free Apps in the social category in its first six weeks

In February 2013, Pheed was ranked the #1 app in the Apple Top Charts social category, above Twitter and Facebook According to Mashable ,Pheed's user base is 81% between age 14 and 25.

Pheed's popularity with teens was spurred by several influential teenagers on Twitter sharing that they'd discovered the app. First was Acacia Brinley, followed by Pia Mia, Garrett Backstorm and Colin Ford.