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March 7, 2013

How Pinterest is edging out Facebook in Digital Marketing

Sephora: Our Pinterest followers spend 15X more than our Facebook fans | VentureBeat: Pinterest just raised $200 million at a $2.5 billion valuation. But if the company seriously starts to monetize what marketers like Sephora are finding in the social shopping platform, two and a half billion dollars is too cheap.

Where does all this add up for Facebook   !!  Quite a few in fact

1) Users in Facebook  might engage more .. but what does that mean for a brand ... more  followers does not translate into more leads or business

2) Ecosystem of the social commerce : Pinterest  has   been more successful in ' creating a platform" which brands and marketers can integrate " along with its core promise " and has managed to create  a platform that is more commercial nature by leveraging its more transactional nature of its ecosystem :

Beauty products retailer and digital trailblazer Sephora says that per-capita, its Pinterest followers spend more money than its Facebook followers, and not just a little bit more. In fact, Pinterest users spend 15 times more on Sephora products than Facebook followers,According to Venturebeat " The  Sephora’s head of digital Julie Bornstein  has this to say about  how Pinterest differs from Facebook

“The reality is that when you’re in the Pinterest mindset, you’re actually interested in acquiring items, which is not what people go to Facebook for,” Bornstein said. “Facebook continues to be just a great customer interaction tool that gives us thereal-time ability to dialog with our customer; it’s a big customer-service venue for us.”