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March 6, 2013

iPhone 5S to Launch in August ,Will Apple Dump iPhone 6

source : Asymco

iPhone 5S release date, news and rumours | News | TechRadar: The iPhone 5 may only be a few months old, but we're already hearing information about a successor, which may be known as the iPhone 5S in keeping with Apple's naming convention.

According to Telegraph   Apple  is said to be looking 'to release iPhone 5S in August'

Apple plans to release the iPhone 5S in August and could release new iPads as soon as next month,

Japanese blog Macotakara reports (via AppleInsider) that Foxconn is ready to ramp up production on iPhone 5S and that it would be built on the same production lines that currently build the iPhone 5. 

Sources familiar with the company's plans told the tech site, iMore that the iPhone 5S will feature the same basic design as its predecessor, but will sport a more advanced processor and improved camera.Apple  is also also rumored to have a fingerprint sensor on the home button and improved flash for the rear camera. 

According to  ibntimes canada Apple may launch the next generation of iPads in April and the successor of iPhone 5 in August, according to a report by iMore.

Nevertheless, it's more likely that the iPhone 5S will hit stores in the latter part of 2013, following the trend set by the iPhone 5 and 4S. It's even possible that Apple will skip the iPhone 5S and hop right on to the iPhone 6.