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March 22, 2013

Smartphones Research and Development less that Patent War Costs

If you manage to count the number of patent and lawsuits the Tech industry is fighting amongst themselves, probably you might continue to count them.. forever

Apple vs Samsung vs HTC vs RIM vs Microsoft : Its a battle that never shows sounds of ending , no mater how much money goes down fighting these battles.

Why does this happen, what are the kind of odds that one company might win and control 80% of the entire patent the tech industry has ... The chances are well 50: 50.Indeed, according to this Time magazine article, Apple and Google spent more money on patent litigation than research and development last year.

It is no surprise to anyone that Apple and are rivals. The duo have been involved in lawsuits in many different countries worldwide. Although the majority of courts have sided with Apple, the war is far from over. So who is copying whom?

RPX estimates that there are 250,000 active U.S. patents applicable to the smartphone. Assuming an average of 20 claims each, that is 5,000,000 restrictions on smartphone innovation.( RPX : stands for Reduce Patient Litigation costs)

Not surprisingly Smart phone patents account for 16 percent of active patents in the U.S, using RPX estimates.