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March 7, 2013

Why Facebook is Loosing out to Pinterest:Pinterest Users Buy 15 times more

Linkedin and Pinterest are among the top 2 social networks that has seen considerable scale in revenue and users last year and in an interesting research " shows why Ecommerce and online retailers are throwing their might with Pinterest instead to spending on Facebook A recent chart from Comscore showed that " Pinterest user base" outspends Facebook users and its " Spending Power" or consumption patterns are more lucrative to marketers compared to any other social media site 

The nature of Pinterest social community is more transactional as compared to other social networks . This is because its not only the numbers but the kind of " product mix" Pinterest users engage in .

Not many know that 80% of the top Pinterest categories are related to commerce, and its no wonder why more jewelry,Apparels,and Cosmetic, Fashion and beauty chains are heavily investing on it As a result, Pinterest users who shop at Sephora spend 15 times more on its products than the brand's Facebook followers.

 BuyingPower Of Pinterest Users Second Only To LinkedIn Says ComScore - A recent Comscore research showed that Pinterest — Pinterest users buy more items and more frequently than users on any of the other top five social networks and that they are now second only to LinkedIn in buying power. The head of digital for the beauty and cosmetics chain Sephora revealed some interesting figures regarding the site's users during an interview with tech blog Venture Beat.

 Comparing Pinterest with Facebook, she said: "The reality is that when you're in the Pinterest mindset, you're actually interested in acquiring items, which is not what people go to Facebook for. Facebook continues to be just a great customer interaction tool that gives us the real-time ability to dialog with our customer; it's a big customer-service venue for us."