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March 26, 2013

Yahoo Buys a Mobile Aggregation App from a 17 Year old British Teen

Yahoo Buys Summly - Business Insider: Yahoo  has  has acquired  a mobile news aggregation service  Summly from a start up British entrepreneur Nick D'Aloisio ,who is just 17 .

 This mobile news aggregation app  was created by D'Aloisio,which scans the Web for news and uses an algorithm to find the type of content you want to read which it then summarizes  on the fly 

D'Aloisio began using computers at the age of nine, making films, and then moved to programming at the age of 12 when Apple opened its App Store for the iPhone. Nick is no stranger to success at such a young age. Yahoo 's Offer  comes less than five years after he released his first app, called Fingermill, an onscreen virtual treadmill for fingers along with an App called  Facemood, which analyzed a person's Facebook account to determine their mood, and a service that helps people discover new music 

Nick D'Aloisio was creating programs at 12, and got the idea for the app in 2011 when revising for his exams and finding himself frustrated with web pages that broadly repeated the same content.

 He produced an early version of Summly, called Trimit, which was downloaded more than 200,000 times. taught himself how to create computer programs at age 12.

Yahoo is  set to  shut down Summly as a stand alone app, but it says it's going to incorporate Summly technology into its own mobile apps and sites.

Yahoo was attracted to Summly's core technology for automatically summarizing news articles. The technology, which included an algorithm for deriving the summaries, was created with help from SRI International, a Silicon Valley research-and development firm that has an artificial-intelligence lab and has an ownership stake in the startup.