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April 14, 2013

Digital Marketing Spends in 2013 :27% of Google Searches Estimated to be Mobile in Q4

27% of Google Searches Estimated to be Mobile in Q4: "RKG’s latest quarterly report covering client activity across various marketing channels  shows  the continuing rise of mobile’s share of organic and direct traffic, which increased to almost 20% in Q4 2012. The study shows that mobile activity on Google far outpaced Yahoo and Bing. Factoring in estimated iOS 6 visits, the report finds that 27% of Google searches were mobile, compared to 19% for Yahoo and just 6% for Bing.

Among Mobile devices , iOS devices accounted for the majority of mobile’s search and direct traffic share in Q4, according to the report, with 14% of total traffic divvied up between the iPad (7.3%) and iPhone (6.7%).

Other Findings:

  • Bing outpaced Google in year-over-year spending growth (54% vs. 19%), click growth (39% vs. 14%) and costs per click (CPCs – 11% vs. 3%).
  • Mobile held 20% share of paid clicks and 15% of paid search spend in Q4. Tablet spending grew more rapidly than smartphone spending, aligning with results from IgnitionOne.
  • Google Product Listing Ads accounted for 28% of Google non-brand clicks, with CPCs 26% lower than for competitive text ads.
  • Cost per thousand (CPMs) for the Facebook Exchange were less than half of those for the average display ad, while revenue per click was 25% larger.
  • The number of marketing touches per order grew from 3.5 in Q3 to 4.3 in Q4, although three-quarters of orders still involved a single channel.

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