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April 28, 2013

The Highest Paid Industries in United States :Top 10 List

Top 10 Highest-wage Industries : Media Center: " IBISWorld has identified 10 industries across the finance, healthcare and tech sectors that need highly educated and skilled workers whose jobs require years of training and sophisticated skills – and who command six-figure salaries as a result.

Though deeply affected by the credit crunch and global recession of the late 2000s, the financial sector remains an essential component of business activity in the United States

Similarly, workers in the Portfolio Management industry commands the 2nd most highly paid jobs with average salaries of  $188,829 on average in 2013.

Third most well paid job lies with Healthcare   The Robotic Surgery Equipment Manufacturing industry (IBISWorld report OD4074) has tripled in size since 2008, and the high demand for industry products has yielded high compensation for the engineers that design them. The average industry worker makes $168,955 per year, a salary that has almost doubled since 2008 with growth of 96.4%.