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May 13, 2013

Facebook Advertising Recent Upgrades: 4 ways to target your consumers better

Facebook has added a new feature, called “Lookalike audiences,” that helps advertisers target users who are similar to their existing customers.

This feature is available to advertisers who are using Facebook’s Power Editor and allows businesses to target users similar to those in their Custom audience databases. A Lookalike audience can be created after an advertiser has uploaded first-party data which includes email address, phone number or user IDs for a custom audience. Facebook’s algorithms then analyze the custom audience information and produce a second audience that has similar profiles. Check out the article about Lookalike audiences that Jon Loomer recently wrote on his blog.

some of other recent Facebook's upgrades in its ad feature include

: Reach Users in News Feed with ‘Unpublished Posts’
Updates to Ads Manager
Enhancements to Mobile “Offers” Features