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May 1, 2013

How Google Plus is Demolishing Twitter as no 2 Social Network

Google Plus Is Outpacing Twitter - Business Insider: "When Google launched its social networking service, Google Plus, during the summer of 2011, It was billed to be the next big Social War"" Facebook vs Google Plus fight

However within months, critics had panned the new service, pointing to user pages bereft of meaningful content and exchanges.  Critics  trashed the service by saying " Google has  been a perpetual failure in Social web .. G
oogle competence was developing algorithmic computation  and not a social ecosystem and within months ...  It seemed as though Facebook had cornered the market -- Google was too late to the party.

However 2013 has seen Google Plus coming back with not exactly a bang but riding on its ( Sign up with Google and its properties feature) However what this means is that the increase in traffic is not organic but itstied to Google's effort to build a connecting layer across all its services, including search, YouTube, maps and other products. Log into one, and you've logged into the lot

As for the data, GlobalWebIndex says that 25 percent of worldwide Internet users are now active on Google+ at least once a month — second behind Facebook (51 percent), but ahead of YouTube and Twitter (both 21 percent).