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June 29, 2013

MIT Top 50 Most Disruptive Brands in 2013

The latest Trends on Web Marketing

source : Technology Today top most Disruptive Brands in 2013

Each company on this list has  as compiled by technology today  has done something this year in 2013 that has changed the way consumers buy or use products or  services .The need to break away from the clutter of me too marketplace has meant that RD continues to be pumped into development and ,market testing   testing   amd their marketing breakthrough's over the past year that will strengthen its hold on a market, challenge the leaders of a market, or create a new market. 

As we detail in four feature stories and three CEO Q&As in this package, some of these companies, like the thermostat maker Nest, have burst forth with a breakthrough product, and the question now is what the next one will be. Others, like the battery startup Ambri, are still on the verge of their breakthrough.