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July 26, 2013

Amazon's 22% Growth in Net Revenue,powered by " $610 Online Ad business"

The Online Retail Giant Amazon reported a $7 million loss for the second quarter of 2013, as the company continues to sacrifice short-terms profits in favour of long-term growth


The Amazon' s Revenue charts shows  how Amazon’s revenue continues to soar, while the company fluctuates between miniscule losses and small profits.

 In the past three months, Amazon has started to build its  e-commerce vertical  and has started  investing heavily into warehouses, digital content and its Kindle business and subsequently reported a minor loss despite healthy revenue growth. The company posted net revenue of $15.7 billion, a 22 percent increase over last year’s second quarter.

Emarketers latest data  On Amazon's Online advertising Business shows the sheer Size of The " Amazon marketplace , which estimates the Online Retail Giant Business from Ads online revenue stream, to be around $610 Million last year

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