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July 25, 2013

Google To Launch eCommerce Marketsplace HelpOut "for Multi Screen Consumption

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 Google is working on a new service called “Helpouts” that will act as an ecommerce marketplace for skills, according to TechCrunch.

.The Google Spring Clean Out season seems to be over and what better to start the  Season with ( New Products rather than " Dumping them for good ..., at times better than good or in most times the ugliest

 Today, TechCrunch has learned via a tipster that Google has quietly been pursuing its 
The product, which has reportedly been named “Helpouts” and is currently being tested internally as reported by Techcrunch will take shape as a marketplace that enables individuals and small and large businesses to buy and sell services via live video. 

marketplace ambitions under the auspices of a new platform that leverages its increasingly powerful cloud services to power live, real-time commerce.
Although Google 's distribution channels( Google,Blogger, Youtube, Maps, )    has the the capacity to connect merchants and consumers on both an immediate and scheduled basis
what Google lacked in front end was something which cannot be " solved by its Core Competence of arranging  and accumulating information via its algorthim, This Platform  will provide Google and its channel partners, to connect and corelate and collate information across organized digital marketplace 
This new Product under testing will allow sellers to create their own profiles and take advantage of reputation management, scheduling and payment features, while offering robust search and discovery tools for consumers.
Users with skills and services to offer would log onto the service and offer to help out over live video for a fee. A sample screenshot obtained by the publication included categories such as computers, education, food, health, hobbies and repair. Helpouts could either be scheduled as classes or initiated instantly