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July 26, 2013

Why Amazon's Mobile Ad Network set to Challenge Google Mobile

Amazon's New Mobile Ad Network Is A Huge Threat To Google - Business Insider: "Amazon launched a new mobile ad network this week, which will allow advertisers to run ads on mobile apps downloaded from Amazon's app store

Amazon is taking the first steps toward building a mobile ad network across its Kindle devices with a new advertising API in beta for developers.
If you judge by the earnings of publicly traded mobile advertising companies like Millennial Media, which has had annual losses for the last five years, it’s a tough business with low margins.

As of now Mobile ad revenue "is set to be the heart of Google ' Core Monetization Plan Recently Google changed its buying interface across desktop and Mobile device , to simplify ad buying via its GooglePartners Network, which will also raise the CPC ( Cost oer click ) for advertisers

But it's only when you understand the full specs of the new network that you realize what a huge potential threat to Google this could be: The ads will also run on any Android device that has downloaded apps from Amazon"In short, Google is girding itself for a mobile ad future, not a desktop future.
Now comes Amazon, running ads in mobile apps on Google's Android devices. and therein lies the "Potential of The Amazon Mobile Ad network

To know how , Read the Link here Amazon Mobile Ad network set to change the Mobile Ad market for Google, 

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