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August 30, 2013

Mobile Web Ads vs Banner Ads : How will this Impact your Brand

The Mobile is truly becoming mainstream, and is emerging as the most cost effective  distribution channel for Brands and Marketers alike .After 5 years of explosive  and unprecedented growth, The writing is truly on the wall." Brands and Marketers are realizing that "Mobile Marketing is not only the new mantra, but  a very cost effective distribution channel... So what does that actually mean.. Are the Traditional Banner ads across your Desktop and PC become extinct  after some years .. ?  

There is no right and wrong answer to this,but statistics by searchengineland show that 22% of the ad clickthroughs are coming from the Mobile and Smartphone Device. For paid search  Mobile web CTR has seen a huge jump , along with higher  CPC  rates . Overall the results indicate the shares of smartphone and tablet generated impressions  is only set to grow by double digits

However,This does not mean that your PC and Desktop needs to be junked . The Research  shows  that Desktop /PC Powered searches remained almost level . What this suggests  that the market for  Search has  grown bigger, and will continue to see healthy growth, and most importantly this increase is not coming at the cost of  Desktop search, but new users are gravitating towards Mobile Search Ads