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September 22, 2013

Android Tops US Smartphone market, with 50% share, iOS marketshare increases 6% ,

According  to @LatinosPostTech "Among the 64% of smartphone owners, Google's Android was the top mobile operating system used. Android accounted for 53% share, which comfortably defeated Apple by 13 percentage points.

Android is no 1, But iOS gains 6% of new users

The Android Story continues for Google, as more than 50% US users have an Android Platform.Google's Android platform tops Mobile OS share thereby pushing Apples iOS as no 2 spot

Android  has maintained its first place position against Apple in the smartphone mobile operating system with a marketshare of 52%, vs iOS 40% market share in 2013 Q2  ( June,July and August) across the United States

According to Nielsen, the smartphone market saw 15%  of phone owners purchase a smartphone between the June and August months. The 15 percent increase gave the U.S. smartphone penetration percentage a boost to 64 percent.

In 2012 during the Q2, period Google's Android had 53% as compared to 34% for Apple's iOS. This means that " newer smartphone users " preferred  Apple's iOS,  compared to Google's Android platform as Apple's marketshare increased 6% ( from 34% in 2012 and Android's marketshare actually declined from 52% to 50%

In terms of demographics 1)Young adults aged 25-34 have the highest smartphone with 81%
2)Among Teenagers of the age group (  13-17) around 70% of this group now uses smartphones
3) In the age group " 55 and older ' smartphone usage is among the lowest, however the market size gets on becoming bigger as seniors adopt gadgets and Drive Mobile usage