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September 22, 2013

Brands to spent 50% Digital Spends on Mobile, North American and Europe to lead

Marketers set to double their Spends on Mobile Media

Mobile Expands Its Share of Worldwide Digital Ad Spend -  Mobile will be one dominant theme in " 2014" as  Brands and marketers  expects Mobile Media to power 19%  digital spending in  North America. Tablets, Smartphones, eReaders and mobile devices will form the bulk of ' devices' where advertisers would invest in trying to reach users  who are increasingly moving to donnected devices from their PC and Desktops. By 2017 Mobile Internet " will see 50% spends " as digital marketing spending becomes more fragmented,

This is likely to  result in lower CPC on Mobile and Tablets, as  Mobile Web will see a increasing spends  and  the supply side , ( publishers) will be under increasing pressure to monetize their ' content" thereby websites will be under increasing pressure to " try to optimize"  with  increasingly low prices, as advertisers will be at liberty to " spend ' for quality sites, and while spending less on sub optimal websites   , 

Western Europe and Asia-Pacific are nearly tied this year, with 12.6% and 12.3% of all digital spending occurring on mobile

Latin America, the Middle East and Africa, and Central and Eastern Europe all have less mature digital ad markets overall, but the direction is clear: A greater share of all digital dollars will go toward mobile each year. By 2017, eMarketer expects, 36.3% of digital ad spending around the world will go toward mobile formats, up from just 4.6% as recently as 2011.