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September 3, 2013

The Fall of Brand Apple :Mac sales show biggest decline since a decade

Surveys conducted by Needham & Co. found that about 15 percent of iPhone- or iPad-owning Windows users actually go on to purchase a Mac, while 20 percent would consider switching. 

Is Brand Apple is running out of steam ?  Apple's Mac shipments dropped 22 percent last Q3 which incidently  is its biggest decline in shipments and marketshare in a decade , marking their biggest decline since  2003 ,( 10 years ago)

Analysts across the Tech industry " share the view that " Apple has been  losing its Lustre" for quite some time now, and they believe  " that the Top Leadership " do not want to accept that "

Going by sheer numbers, its not hard to realise the truth " Apple shipped 778,000 fewer Macs in 2012 than it did in 2011, while it had 43 million more iPhones and 25 million more iPads, respective

However "Mac shipments are still declining more slowly than the overall PC market. But they are still declining — a fact that analyst Charlie Wolf of Needham & Co. believes may be attributable to the Mac's "wow factor" gradually fading and Apple is failing to get the " Switcher Segments
Apple's CEO Tim Cook  however attributes the slowdown of Mac shipments to the release of the new iMacs late in the quarter and low inventory, and  believes" that this has to do with a slow moving world economy  and the   overall decline of the PC market and the rise of tablets and Smartphones