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September 18, 2013

With More than 40% Layoffs Blackberry Prepares for bankruptcy

Blackberry could lay off up to 40% staff: Reports - : "The RIM Story is almost over .Blackberry Ltd is preparing to make deep cut to its workforce by the end of the year that could lead to slashing the company's headcount by up to 40% and its likely to be done in a staggered manner . BlackBerry has been one of the classic examples of how technology Firms " product Life Cycle " has shrunk drastically .In an industry which is dominated by Biggest MNCs Companies in the world , among the most competitive and Ruthless industry to be in , where overnite best sellers suddenly become a also ran.

Blackberry was the " Must have" Gadget for executives and enterprise segment , before the iphone era began  with the launch of  Apples iPhone .

However the iPhone phenomenon was crushed by Samsung  with their S2 and S 3Galaxy Series of Smartphones  which blew away all competition  and for some time it overtook iphone sales 

jMeanwhile both Symbian and Blackberry was  dying a  a slow death with declining sales  and its marketshare was slowly eroding., Blackberry had seen the writing on the wall around 18 months ago, when its sales and revenue started to plummet . Microsoft is trying to do something with its Windows Mobile, and Post their purchase of Nokia ,it might give windows Mobile and new breath of life ... But Blackberry has no suitors not buyers and neither are any investors willing to bail them out, not this time..!