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October 28, 2013

Facebook's Teen Demographic Shun Facebook, Declines by 19%

Facebook decline among Teens

Facebook's Rapidly Declining Popularity With Teens, comes at the cost  of Instagram and  Twitter 

Though it might be too early to " predict the probable slowdown in " Facebook users., The facts is Facebook is slowly and steadily " seeing an erosion of its user base " and this has impacted the most " in the " Teenage " demographic

Facebook's popularity among teen users has been on a steady slide, with many complaining that its size, privacy risks and tendency to incite drama has made it a "social burden.

Consider this .. As of 2013 , around 23% recent of teens now deem Facebook to be the most "popular " site ... which is a 19% decline from 42% in 2012 . 

According to Piper Jaffray 26 percent of teens chose Twitter as their social network as choice, while 23 percent chose Facebook and Instagram

Instagram, is just 3 years old as compared with Facebook's 9 years of existence , which has one tenth of Facebooks users ,