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October 13, 2013

How to increase your email open rates by 35%

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3 ways to increase your CTR on email campaigns

Infographic: Send Out-of-this-World Emails - Direct Marketing News: "According to Epsilon's “Customer Insights Survey,” adult shoppers deem price (38%), quality (19%), and discounts or offers (8%) as some of the most important factors when deciding to purchase a product. So it's only natural that marketers' emails address these three primary desires

The top of the mind recall  was  based on the 3 most important factors
1) offers or coupons which can be redeemed
2)The Headline  and the  copy of the emailer
3)  The Subject of your email ..

2)In fact, respondents say that an email having a coupon (80%), containing information about something new (61%), or being customized to their interests (58%) are very or somewhat important."

 The most important part of your email campaign is based on the fact" Users need to open your email " inspite of the fact that on a daily average basis   around 80% of emails  are spam mails