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October 24, 2013

Top 5 Products that Europe's 43% Mobile Shoppers intend to buy via smartphones

Mobile Statistics - 43% more Europeans shop via mobile this year - Internet Retailer: "This summer, 43% more European consumers in Spain, France, Italy, Germany and the United Kingdom used smartphones to access a mobile retail site or app compared to the number who did the same during a three-month period last year, according to web and mobile measurement firm comScore Inc. Among those browsing with smartphones, 14.6% say they used their device to make a purchase in August.

ComScore drew its data from an online survey of “a nationally representative sample of mobile phone subscribers age 13 and above” in each country, the firm says.

Between summer 2012 and summer 2013, the fastest mobile shopping growth was in Spain (66.5%) and Italy (61.3%), while the most consumers using smartphones to shop were in Germany (9.9 million) and the United Kingdom (9.7 million), comScore finds. France had both the second-slowest year-over-year growth rate for mobile shopping—35.9%, beating the United Kingdom’s 29.5%—and the second-fewest number of smartphone owners—3.34 million, just above Spain’s 3.28 million.
Smartphones were normally used to buy the following items 

  1. Clothing or accessories, 5.4%.
  2. Consumer electronics or household appliances, 3.8%.
  3. Printed books, 3.8%.
  4. Tickets, 3.4%.
  5. Personal care or hygiene products, 2.6%.