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November 14, 2013

Global 4G Subscribers now exceeds 126 million, US and South Korea lead in 4G penetration

Forecast: global 4G mobile subscribers 2010-2020
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Globally  there are 126 million 4G subscribers  . Among the top 3 nations with most 4G subscribers are USA, Japan and South Korea. With 88.6% global 4G subscriptions , The US  accounts for 112million of global 126million 4G subscribers in 2013

The USA, Japan and South Korea lead the world’s top ten countries for adoption of 4G mobile data services. These three countries account for a stunning 112 million of the global total of 126 million 4G subscribers in Q2 2013, according to the latest stats s ( Informa mobithinking statistics )  The USA  leads the 4G penetration globally accounting for 62.5 million subscribers. South Korea  4G penetration has been growing in double digits and  out of all Mobile and Smartphone users , 4G accounts for 47 % of subscribers on 4G."

In 2012, a fourth-generation (4G) connection generated 19 times more traffic on average than a non-4G connection. Although 4G connections represent only 0.9 percent of mobile connections today, they already account for 14 percent of mobile data traffic.