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November 24, 2013

Global Online Retail Attractiveness Index :Top 25 Most Lucrative Markets

The "Online Marketplace Retail Index Study  by ATKearney shows  the top 25 Markets who lead in   Online Retail ". The above chart shows the  datapoints across 4 Parameters which form the key metrics to calculate "Markets with higher Online Retail Attractiveness

The attractiveness of online retail is measured across the 4 metrics  with  total combined score of 100 .Each  metrics  is  explained below. The total  score  are  ranked and rated to make the top 25 most lucrative ecommerce Countries. 
  • Online Market Size (40%) :This is a reflection of a country's online potential which includes  market size of its consumers across multiple platforms (mobile/pc) .The size of its online population, access to higher broadband speeds across multiple devices, demographics  of the online consumers , online penetration in terms of reach and frequency
  • Technology Adoption(20%) : Markets with a Bigger Online Marketplace,including Mobile Broadband and Connected Devices holds the key to "higher technology Adoption.A substantial user base which is young and  technologically  savvy, will see more " Digital Adoption" as compared to other  markets with lower young adults
  • Technology Infrastructure(20%): Wireless Connections, higher broadband download speeds, usage of credit cards,mobile banking including a strong financial and banking laws, along with an  investor friendly government,  makes up the Technology Infrastructure. A higher rating means a evolved online marketplace 
  • Growth Potential(20%) :The higher the growth in terms of an active online base, the higher is the ratings. Markets with a young population active across the digital space will have a higher growth opportunity, as they move up  the curve.Similarly a country having lower number of users  in the ( demographic 25-40 age group) reflects "a stagnant growth opportunity for online retail
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