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November 24, 2013

Holiday Retail Sales vs E-Commerce Contribution by Day : 2009 to 2012

U.S. holiday season e-commerce spending by online shopping day
The Chart Compares Online Shopping During  60 days of Holiday Season from 2009 Onwards to 2012

Its Holiday Time Folks.. Just a couple of days before "US turns over into a Nation of Consumers" and shop till they drop.This Year 2013 is likely to see a Record increase in Retail Shopping as brick and mortar stores do everything to have consumers flock to their stores instead of using gadgets and Devices to Shop Online 

Last year around 57.3 million (+18% YoY) Americans clicked their way through Mobile devices includingTablets,Smartphones, and other Gadgets to shop Online on Black Friday and Cyber Monday in their search for bargains.

On ‘Cyber Monday’, the real answer to the ‘Black Friday’ of fixed location retailers, the E-commerce turnover then rose by 30% to 1.5 billion US$ – also a new record. 

The share of mobile traffic increased dramatically to 18%, the share of turnover for mobile purchases was around 13%. In 2012, the E-commerce turnover for a single day broke the billion dollar mark for the first time ever.Data from ComScore shows that Digital Commerce rose by 26% compared to 2011 (2011: 816 million US$).