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November 9, 2013

Reliance starts selling iPhone 5S and 5S at 2,999 / monthly

Apples' Iphone 5S and iPhone 5C  have started to sell in India , and initial reports  suggests' As usual Apple was got it hands a winner .  (Reliance Communications To Sell iPhone 5S For Rs 2,999 And 5C For Rs 2,599 In India 

 ( Reliance has launched the iPhone 5S and iphone 5s )  on Novermber,2013 

Infact this was launched  specifically during the Indian Shopping Season, Depaavali  with  the launch party at Select City Walk mall in Delhi.

However please note , This is a monthly plan kind of EMI and it inlcudes using the RCom has gone ahead and announced that they will be selling the new iPhone at an attractive price of Rs 2,999 for 5S and Rs 2,599 for 5C (16 GB models). This will be a monthly plan scheme for the customers who would be required to sign a 2 year contract with RCom."

This is not a new thing for RCom  as they had earlier  luanched the India  Featute Phone in 2000, and they had a fairly done an OK job, considering Inia was still a virgin market and kind of a deal ensures that “ the 2 year Tie up”  was done to retail the Loyalty of  consumers