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November 25, 2013

Responding to Complaints Across Social Media

Handling Negative Social Media : 3 ways to do it
Handling a Complaint Across Social Media : via Pardot 
Responding to a Negative Social Media ; The best 3 ways  to handle Bad News in social media or social media Complains. " While Social Media works wonders if you have satisfied your consumer, When  it turns  sour, it can be nasty as ever. While good news travels faster, bad news will travel fastest

How do you deal with this double edge sword ..How so you integrate your customer care into social media is a weak spot for many companies, including companies that have traditionally been “ good in providing timely response and sorting issues when it escalates

The above infographic by pardot shows  the right way to handle “ negative social media ‘ carefully including  How to Deal with Social Media Complainers”,segmenting it and providing a response  to each of these unique consumers.