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November 25, 2013

Whats Ailing the B2b Online Market: What has changed and how

Business To Business Marketing : The Changing Market Forces 

Inspite of the increasing search for Products, industrial and technical, the B2b Industry is yet to " mature to the level of B2C companies .. to an infographic designed by the Maximize Social Media team, we need to view the internet as a “trade show”, where  the B2b.Marketers needs to make them Visibly  across the entire genres of the  consumer Life Cycle across the world wide web. 

While there is no doubt about the fact, that B2b  searches have a clear intent as compared to Consumer Goods..About 54% of B2B buyers start their purchasing process with informal research, especially research that surrounds their business obstacles. They key is to have content that is relevant, updated and  real time " product demonstration to the client.
However  Content has been one of the weakest the point for B2b, and among the bigges pain points. This is because a substantical number of Marketers outsources the Content..Recent surveys indicate that B2C marketers increasingly believe content is a powerful tool for acquiring new customers, and the average Business to Business company will dedicate around 12% of their marketing budget to custom content in 2013. However, just 8% of marketers consider themselves able to truly understand the value of content