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December 30, 2013

Conversion rates of Email Marketing by Subject lines


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" Does email personalization have an effect on open rates? Research released earlier this year MailerMailer suggested that personalized emails tend to see higher open and click rates, although the same study last year found the opposite result. Now, new data from MailChimp supports the case that personalization can drive higher email open rates. Measuring the impact on open rate by standard deviations from the norm, MailChimp found that personalizing both the first and last name has the biggest impact, followed by personalization of last-name only and first-name only. The results varied considerably by industry.How much does " does a click thro rate changes due to personalization " The researchers discovered that the impact was particularly significant in a few industries, namely government (standard deviation of 0.92), creative/services agency (0.45), politics (0.3), computer and electronics (0.28) and hobbies (0.26). Personalization appeared to have had less of an influence on open rates in marketing and advertising (0.13) and business and finance (0.11), and actually was found to have a negative effect in the legal industry (-0.31).