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December 22, 2013

eCommerce is Western Europe grows to €173.8 billion ,led by UK and France

The total online economy of sold goods and services in Western Europe amounted €158.1 billion last year, but is expected to grow to €173.8 billion in 2013,( data source Ecommerce Europe ,

Western Europe, where 90 million consumers bought something online last year, is the more tech savvy with  a higher tech adoption  and ecommerce  and online shopping plays  an important part of the continent. The region, which includes the United Kingdom, Ireland, France, The Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg, is the biggest of the four regions and has a 51% European market share.

Although ecommerce in Western Europe is expected to grow again, the annual percentage growth is less big than last year. In 2012 the total ecommerce economy in Europe grew by 20% compared to 2011, while this year a growth of nearly 10% in comparison with 2012 is expected.