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December 11, 2013

Facebook To launch" Sympathize " Button..

One of the most controversial “ Feature  on Facebok  is the "LIKE BUTTON" While ..Facebook ‘s  USP is its ability to connect people,  enable sharing among communities and friends..

However the Like Button more that anything has no contextual value and  for  most of  consumers " its a distraction  

On the contrary the  Like Button ‘ does not reflect the popularity for a brand or an endorsement of “ the post...its merely a marketing Gimmick that aims to " sell  and convince advertisers  that Like Button is a kind of metrics for brands to  measure the success of its  Ad Campaign and Sponsored Stories “

However   “ for all practical reasons .. a Like “ doesn't reflect ‘ endorsement or approval, Its merely  serves as a distraction for users,  1)  A like button does not translate into “a a genuine “ desire to buy or transact, nor does it “ reveal”  the consumer s “ propensity to engage with the Brand 

A Like button is led more by “ the desire to be a part of community”  and  the desire to “ conform”  with their social circle

Another Ridiculous feature    of the like button is that “ even a sad news “ is expected  to be liked ...

However it seems that “ Facebook has “ decided to Facebook has decided to add another button for comments for sad news  as the “like” button would have seemed awkward, the “sympathize” button.
If a user selected a negative emotion from Facebook’s list of feelings in a status update then the “like” button would change to “sympathize

A Facebook engineer said at a company event that the button had been created as part of an internal project.

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