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December 10, 2013

Holiday Shopping Revenues from Brick and Mortar Stores

While this year’s  Thanksgiving weekend web sales  grew by 22% (comScore data ).Instore shopping or Bricks and Mortar Retail Spending during the holiday shopping period. fell by approx 3% ( 2.7%) 
The Holiday season “this year “ was truly watershed moment for online and mobile  commerce  as   Mobile commerce sales accounted for nearly 21% of total Black Friday online sales in the United States, $314 million out of $1.512 billion

 So what does this mean for Brick and Mortar Stores ? Does it signal the death of physical stores ?  Here are the statistics

  • Footfalls to Brick and Mortar stores  on Thanksgiving was up 27% to nearly 45 million, compared with the 35 million visitors who shopped on the holiday last year, the National Retail Federation said

  • Black Friday remained by far the biggest consumption day, with more than 92 million shoppers. 
  • In-store  shopper count that day rose just 3% from 2012.
  • Thanksgiving's sales " not withstanding , Black Friday traffic at bricks-and-mortar stores tanked 11.4% while revenue plunged 13.2% compared with 2012, according to the report.from shoppertrack