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January 15, 2014

Top 10 Most Active Brand Advertisers by Media Spends

Global Advewrtising Trends by Industry . Advertising by media spends 

Media spends on  Advertising by channels

The above chart might interest media planners and marketing Gurus , It does not require much explanation of where we are heading  The Writing is clearly on the wall .. Those to continue to feel " Online Media Complements  Traditional Media  This is the last chance of  changing their mind.. or  repeat the  same mistakes made by the Newspaper Industry which though that " they are too big to Fail

Advertisers are clearly moving towards  Digital .in terms of Media Spends
 Brands are " slowly but surely moving away from traditional paper and print stores  to " virtual   media  clicks , taking along with it a fair degree of " conventional  media distribution channels like, Print,Magazines and Newspapers and Cinemas  and investing  it on " Internet Advertising  Print to Onlinehows that " the writing is on the wall"  

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