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February 16, 2014

89% Ad Impressions in China comes from Mobile Apps, the rest from Mobile web

Mobile App usage in China at

According to the latest insights by Inmobi shows that 89% Mobile Ad Impressions comes Mobile App, in CHINA while contrast that with 11% that comes from the Moble web.

 So what does this mean  for technology and mobile marketers in China?

 Number 1) The chinese Smartphone Markets" are at its product Maturation stage  as the early adopters which started to " grow since the iPhone revolution have graduated  to  the "  Highly engaged Mobile App Curve quickly ..

Number 2:)or the Chinese the Mobile ecosystem is centered round " The Mobile Apps"  that also means that the demand vs Supply Gap in terms of the app going live and the user interactivity  only means money for developers  as they are the cogs of the while running the supply part.

Number 3)With more developers , comes new adopters, which in turn ' influences a huge audience v which in turn creates a new market for  Native App  or  Hybrid App

Number 4: this also explains the ever exploding size of the Chinese Smartphone to support the 89% mobile impressions that are powered by only Mobile Apps