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February 24, 2014

Consumer Electronics New Frontier : Curved Screens

Among the latest buzzwords across the Tech Industry has been " Curved Screens. Both LG and Samsung have placed huge bets on this technology as they believe that this is going to be " the one giant leap for " Consumer  Electronics Industry

Marketing Gimmickry aside, the technology behind these devices is the real achievement, because they point to a future where flexible materials have become a common fixture everywhere — and not just in the living room.

How does  Curved screens work ? Basically there are two kinds of screens : LCD and  OLED screens , which are seen in smartphones and your LCD TVs and could be applied to only flat surfaces .However  the breakthrough came in 2012. 

This was when "Corning  Corp,the company behind Gorilla Glass unveiled a flexible kind of glass called WillowWillow is about as thin as a piece of paper and comes off the production line in gigantic, 300-meter-long rolls. It's been chemically coated to conduct electricity and enhance transparency. According to Vinita Jakhanwal, an industry analyst at IHS, these and similar types of glass make it possible to build rounded surfaces that can accept LCD or OLED layers.

Samsung is the first OEM  to deliver curved TVs  with 105 inch  screen in a serious way, debuting two series of mainstream LED LCD models, one with 4K resolution and one with standard 1080p, at CES 2014.