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March 25, 2014

Google and Facebook Fights it our for the Mobile Marketplace, control 70% Mobile Ad Market

faceoff between Google and Facebook After controlling the online Space.Facebook and  Google are both Jostling for  the next big "  Technology  Space.. which is the Mobile Marketplace

Starting off in 2007 by opening it across all users .Facebook's late push into mobile advertising is paying off big time. Less than two years after the company began serving targeted ads to mobile users, the social network is by far the second largest player in the quickly growing market.  According to Analysts Facebook  is set to  rake in $6.8 billion from mobile ad sales this year, trailing only Google which remains the clear industry leader.

eMarketer's data shows how heavily concentrated the mobile ad market is. In the past year, the Top 4 ad publishers accounted for more than 70 percent of mobile ad revenues and, perhaps even more impressively, Google and Facebook alone pocketed two thirds of every dollar spent on mobile advertising in 2013.