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March 5, 2014

Mobile Users Now Contributes 51% of FACEBOOK'S Referral Base

Facebook is today more or a less a Mobile Company 7 years ago when Facebook had started out, It never would have imagined that " Facebook mobile users today would make up 51% of Facebook Referrals Now

What this means today is : Out of every 100 users coming to Facebook, 51% comes from Mobile . Consider this "every Facebook users logging onto the site via Mobile now outnumber users coming from PC or Desktop" . As of 2014  January,  this year 51% that is half  of users coming to Facebook are coming via the Mobile web

The Facebook Mobile explosion can be " explained  in two ways

1)  Revenue from Mobile Web  now forms a  significant part of Facebook's Product Potfolio
This reflected from the fact that Mobile Made up 53% of  FACEBOOK's  revenue  in Q4

2)That Mobile  will be  FACEBOOK'S "" Distribution Channel of  the masses " is quite clear " by its   commitment to providing a better mobile browsing experience with the introduction of its Paper app.

 Meanwhile Facebook's Mobile Traffic Increased by 253%: Shareholic Report also " confirms that Publishers saw traffic from Facebook mobile users grow 253% over last year .

In January 2014 Facebook’s share of visits was 16.21%. Finally, Facebook mobile, with an 8.25% share, accounts for more than half (50.89%) of Facebook referrals. last year Sept,2013 Facebook mobile’s share of traffic grew 253% year-over-year (Sept’12-13). In October, Shareholic released a report which noted Facebook mobile’s share of traffic grew 253% year-over-year (Sept’12-13).*