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March 11, 2014

Start Up of The Week : The Startup that almost knocked off Pinterest

The Startup Story that can become a serious competitor to Pinterest:

"This is a new section we are starting which we will cover every month.Our Focus will be  emerging start ups" which " has been " not covered yet or lets say " not much written about in the mainstream Media, web or offline . 

We encourage readers to send in their " Startup story"  big or small, Struggling ,panting or have hit the Bulls eye ...  we will feature them every week ...


This week we are covering " one of Pinterest's nearest competitor which " has been quietly gaining traction..with very little hype and hoopla around it

It's not often you find a startup used by 25 million people every month. It's also rare to find a startup that serves 50 billion images per month. Welcome to  " Pinterests Latest Competitor'

Read the Entire Start Up Story here