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March 18, 2014

Why Retail Apps continue to grow 3 times than other Mobile Apps

Mobile shopping and the rise of retail apps
The Rise of Retail App and what is Power the Rapid Growth

With the Growth of Mobile Commerce, the growth of retail Apps has surpassed any other mobile apps . As Smartphone penetration  begin to gain critical mass and surpass 50% across the globe, The biggest winner would be the “ retail Apps “,  (According to comscore ,(as of   January 2014 )US ,had crossed 65% mark in Smartphone penetration).

Reasons why Retail App Continues to See Exponential Growth

  While the Mobile Web has been the single largest factor  to power the rapid rise of the retail app , there are other factors at play  on  why Retail App has seen a phenomenal growth than other Mobile Apps 

1)For one the growth of Mobile commerce.. meant that “ more consumers” started shopping for apparel, merchandise, books, consumer  electronics among a few.  .As Mobile sites became easier to use, with faster loading times, consumers started to experiment ... With the zooming growth  and penetration of Smartphones, connected devices including tablets, the supply side also grew, as consumers could simply download an App.. check its rating.. decide on the “ options and place an order in a jiffy

2)More Brick and Mortar Stores moving to Online Marketplace . With more retailers moving to :’  the mobile web , and as more physical stores expands into  the mobile ecosystem,  by launching a mobile website and a Mobile app, The supply side tends to increase ...  which in turn causes the demand size to increase ( More mobile sites with their ap, leads to more options for user, which in turn “ leads to creation of more Retail Apps

3) Smartphone Penetration : Also The   EU Countries (  (Spain, Germany, Italy, France and the UK) have already reached  50% Smartphone penetration .. which in turn  will " continue the Power Mobile Commerce  ,leading to  an exponential growth in "Retail Shopping Apps '" a next finave years. Mobile applications will be part of the amazing growth.ion